10cc Liquid Mushroom Culture Agarikon (Fomitopsis offcianalios)

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Agarikon Mushroom Facts

There are lots of names you can call the Agarikon medicinal mushrooms. They are called quinine conk because of their bitter taste, or they are also labeled as larch polypore because they grow in conifers like larch. Meanwhile, when you travel to Germany to specifically look for these fungi, use the term “apothekerschwamm” which means “pharmacy” as this is is how they call it in the country. Above all these names, in the scientific world, Agarikon is Lacrifomes Officinalis or L. officinalis. When a fungus is under the officinalis category, it means that it has medical and herbal properties. 

Compared to the mushrooms that are quite small in size, Agarikon mushrooms grow from 25-inch for their length with a girth of up to 15-inch. Get ready to work your muscles out as these red, brown, and gray mushrooms can be as heavy as 10 kilograms.

These days, Agarikon mushrooms are difficult to find as their natural habitat, which are the forests of Europe, Asia, Morocco, and North America are already suffering deforestation. Agarikon grows in tree trunk wounds, and they are a sign that a tree is already infected and decaying.

Benefits of Agarikon Mushrooms

Agarikon is one of the most difficult to find mushroom species, and it takes 50-75 years for them to fully grow! But despite this, finding them is worth it because of these vitamins:

    • Agaric acid
    • Carotenoids
    • Fatty acids
    • Polysaccharides

Agarikon is not mimicked as the elixir of life for no reason. These mushrooms contain vitamins and other more minerals that assist the different parts of the body to bring the following benefits:

    • Improved respiratory health: Make your cough and asthma occur less often when you take in Agarikon. 
    • Digestive assistance: If you are looking for a reliable laxative to assist your digestion, Agarikon can also be a solution. 
    • Night sweats: Night sweats are common to women in their menopausal stage, but this is also a sign of cancer, infection, hypoglycemia, and other hormone and neurological disorders. It is an excellent thing that Agarikon can also address night sweats. 
    • Antiviral, antibacterial, and antiinfection: Generally, Agarikon is aids in fighting bacteria, viruses, and infections.

There are plenty more conditions that can potentially be addressed using Agarikon. Studies are still ongoing, so the list of benefits still goes on. 

High Desert Spores Liquid Mushroom Culture  Agarikon (Fomitopsis Officinalis)

Although Agarikon is hard to grow, many are already trying to cultivate their strain on their own because of the medical and herbal benefits they provide. If you have a green thumb and would like to try you can make this species thrive, you can try out our High Desert Spores Liquid Mushroom Culture - Agarikon. We’ll provide you with a syringe filled with sterile water and a live culture of Agarikon. You just need to be patient as Agarikon grows slowly. Nevertheless, it is worth the wait with all the benefits you will reap.

If you are interested in growing mushrooms, Agarikon type, check out our shipping information for more details, or you can also visit our local distributors’ stores now!



This mushroom grown on conifers and is described as the "elixir of long life" this is a rare mushroom to find in the wild.

This 10cc Spore Sample consists of live culture and sterile water.

Needle is included.

Suggested Substrate to use: Hardwood

Suggested Grains to use: Rye Berry


*Photo is for identification purposes only.