10cc Liquid Mushroom Culture Bitter Oyster


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Many mushroom types are meant to be served included in sumptuous meals. Some mushrooms fulfill medicinal purposes making people feel better by addressing specific ailments. There are also the mushrooms that are meant to just keep you in awe with the enchanting power of nature because they—glow! The mushroom strain we are talking about is the Panellus stipticus or the bitter oyster mushrooms.

These mushrooms may have the same name as oyster mushrooms, but the two aren’t the same. Bitter oysters are not edible because of their bitter taste, and they are not medicinal. But, they fulfill a visually-pleasing purpose—bitter oysters are bioluminescent, so they extensively decorate your garden when cultivated at home. In the wild, they are the light in the dark forest. 

Bitter oyster mushrooms are mimicked as the white rot because, in daylight, they have a white to brownish color. Like many mushrooms, they also have semi-circular caps, and their stems either grow in the middle or the side of the caps. 

Meanwhile, their spores are located underneath their caps which can spread when insects land on them and move from one place to another. This goal for pollination is easily fulfilled with the bioluminescence of the mushrooms. When they glow, insects are more attracted to landing on them, spreading the spores after. 

Since bitter oyster mushrooms aren’t edible, nor do they fulfill any medicinal functions, growing them will be purely to enjoy the radiance they bring in the night and the white decoration they bring in the morning. Since this is the purpose, make sure to plan how you’ll landscape the mushrooms. 

Bitter oyster mushrooms love deadwood, and they naturally grow in these substrates in the wild. Hence, you can grow them better if you use the same for your mushroom garden—position and landscape the substrates nicely before injecting the bitter oyster mushroom liquid spore solution. Keep the dead woods in a humid and dark set-up and wait for a few weeks for them to grow. 

Get your cameras ready as when they are fully grown; you’ll have a garden with instant lighting coming from the bitter oyster mushrooms you grew. These are indeed some of the most unique home and garden decorations to have. 

If you want your home or garden to have the same glow as the forests where bitter oyster mushrooms thrive, you can do so with convenience! 

Wait no more and begin this DIY project by ordering your bitter oyster liquid mushroom culture. You can check out our shipping policy if you are ordering online, or you can also visit our local distributors’ stores and grab your liquid spore sample now!


This mushroom is NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. Bitter Oyster is poisonous. 

This 10cc Liquid mushroom culture consists of live culture and sterile water.

Needle is included.