Ghost Fungus (Omphalotus Nidiformis) 10cc Liquid Mushroom Culture

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There are a lot of interesting stories about the ghost fungus. Myths have it that glowing mushrooms serve as a light to fairies’ paths when traversing the dark forests. The aboriginal groups of Australia where the ghost fungus thrives see these mushrooms as a bad omen and a manifestation of evil spirit. Nevertheless, other ethnic groups use the bioluminescent fungus as a bodily adornment to ward off their enemies. 

Science has a different take on ghost fungus mushrooms. According to studies, ghost fungus gets their soft green glow because of the luciferin chemical content in their body. Another scientific explanation of the ghost mushrooms’ illumination is due to their body breaking down food—metabolism. Even Aristotle had something to say when discovering these “glowing wood” mushrooms.

In the dark of the night, the ghost fungus has a soft green glow, but you may even mistake them for oyster mushrooms during the day. Their light is meant to attract insects and spread their spores. Ghost fungus originated from the forests of Southern Australia and Tasmania. These mushrooms are saprotrophic, feeding on dead and decaying wood. They particularly like eucalyptus, acacia, casuarina, and more trees of the same species. Although they are also parasitic, living on live trees, it would be best to use the mentioned trees for the wood substrates. This mushroom is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. It may be beautiful to look at but poisonous if ingested.

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This 10cc Spore Sample consists of live culture and sterile water.

Needle is included.


Suggested Substrate to use: Hardwood

Suggested Grains to use: Rye Berry


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