​Liquid Culture VS Spore Syringe

Posted by Seth on Dec 4th 2022

​Liquid Culture VS Spore Syringe

LC- liquid culture

MS- multispore syringe

Media- any substance that holds nutrition

Fruit- mushroom fruiting body (not mycelium)

The mushroom life cycle is a complicated process, but in the simplest terms, it is the process in which a spore turns into hyphae, and that hyphae turns into fruit. When a mushroom is about to spore, it undergoes “genetic recombination”, during which all of its genetic codes are mixed up so that the new mushroom colonies may develop new adaptations, increasing their chance for survival. Genetic recombination is a very good way of ensuring that the new spawn can survive changes in temperature, water levels, and air quality, as these factors are always in flux. When looking to grow mushrooms in a controlled setting, there are many options for media inoculation, but this post will focus on spore syringes and liquid culture. We will provide additional information about both methods below. 

To make a mushroom spore syringe, we collect spores on aluminum foil in front of a flow hood. The spores are then added into a sterile mixing jar with distilled water. The mixture is then pulled into a syringe and ready for inoculation. This is great for first time growers as a cost effective way to execute a simple grow or for veterans to select genetics for further culturing. 

When we are first starting out collecting our gourmet mushroom supplies, we need to figure out how to produce more fruits in less time, have similar or exact copies of fruiting bodies for sale, and, most importantly, have a lower chance for contamination. Nature, however, cannot support a mono culture like this, so what do we do? Enter culturing techniques. 

There are several ways to culture mushrooms, but we will stick to tissue cloning into LC in this post. The process (in theory) is very simple: find a pretty fruit, cut some internal tissue into a sterile liquid-based nutritional environment, and then use the new liquid culture to grow more mushrooms. When selecting a fruit to extract tissue from, we have to consider that many of the features of that fruit (and more specifically, the extracted cells) will be expressed when grown and fruited again (cloning). When selecting for good “parent” genetics, best practice is to rip the mushroom in half to expose the much cleaner, near sterile, interior of the mushroom. We will select a small chunk and put it into a liquid nutritional media inside of a jar in front of a laminar flow hood for increased sterility. After the jar is fully colonized, it is ready for use. Our methodology (industry standard) is to use a resealable injection port pre-installed onto the liquid culture jar for pulling new syringes. LC syringes can be used in either making more LC or innoculating grain bags like the MAXFLUSH grain bags from High Desert Spore. Liquid cultures allow the user to stress less, knowing the mycelium should take hold onto the grains in days rather than weeks and be ready to harvest in 2-3 weeks, rather than 1-2 months. LC inoculation is a very sterile process from start to finish and one that any beginner or veteran grower should have under their belt for a more successful growing experience. To grow yours today, here is a small link list of required materials that you can source from us!