​What Equipment is Needed for Mushroom Growing?

Posted by Dan on Dec 4th 2022

​What Equipment is Needed for Mushroom Growing?

It’s simple, when growing mushrooms, you’ll need the right supplies and equipment. The mushroom supplies are straightforward – at the very least, you’ll need spores and substrate. But what equipment do you need? In this post, we’ll answer this question and show some essential equipment, as well as the equipment you’ll need as your mushroom growing becomes more advanced.


The first piece of equipment you’ll need is a table that will serve as your workspace. To ensure that you have adequate space available, the table should be big enough to accommodate all the other equipment and supplies you’ll use. When it is, you’ll have everything you use in close proximity, which, in turn, reduces the chances of contamination. Also, when choosing a table, make sure it has a smooth, washable surface that allows you to wipe it down before you do any work.

Grow Bags or Buckets

You’ll also need somewhere for your mushrooms to grow. Here, grow bags or buckets are ideal. They allow for the sufficient humidity and carbon dioxide you need for your mushrooms to grow and flourish.

If you’re a beginner, bags might be the best option, as they allow you to see your substrate. So you’ll spot any contamination or other issues early on. Moreover, grow bags have filter patches that prevent contamination while, at the same time, allowing sufficient airflow in the bag.

Flow Hood

To further prevent contamination and ensure high yields, you should also get a high-quality laminar flow hood. It provides a clean stream of air and removes any unwanted fungi, bacteria, or viruses from the air. In turn, this ensures that only your mushrooms grow in the substrate. As a bonus, it can easily be placed on a table anywhere in your home.


When growing mushrooms, you’ll need to control the temperature in your space. More importantly, you’ll need to control the temperature based on the specific type of mushrooms you’re growing. For this, you’ll need a quality thermometer. Fortunately, you can find suitable thermometers in most general retail stores or online. No matter what thermometer you choose, you should make sure that it can handle higher humidity, which will enable you to use it for both the incubation and fruiting stages.

Water Spray Bottle

Finally, once you’ve completed incubation and your mushrooms are ready to fruit, you’ll need a spray bottle to ensure that you keep your mushrooms moist and provide sufficient humidity. You’ll typically mist your mushrooms a few times a day to increase humidity and prevent them from drying out. Here, you’ll only need a simple, inexpensive spray bottle, especially when you’re just starting out.

Equipment for More Advanced Farming

As your mushroom growing gets more advanced, you might need some other pieces of equipment that help you scale your growing and have more granular control over it. Some of these include:

  • Shelving
  • Compost mixers
  • Steamers
  • Lab supplies
  • Incubation and fruiting chambers
  • Temperature controllers
  • Humidifiers
  • Lighting
  • Fans

Start Growing Mushrooms Today

There you go. Now you know what equipment you’ll need to grow mushrooms. The only thing you need now is mushroom spores. This is where High Desert Spores comes in. We’re your source for finding mushroom spores online.